DOAC Culture Collection Centre
Plant Pathology and Microbiology Division, Department of Agriculture

Plant Pathology and Microbiology Division, DOA has played a role on culture collection of all plant pathogenic microorganisms since 1972. Most of these cultuers have been maintained, mainly as working collection, by individual researchers for short to long term period of time.
In 1999, some of these cultures and data were reorganized including new isolates from natural hosts or habitats within the country to meet standard system of management. Our aim of establishment is to provide cultures for research projects, education and for sustainable use in the future.


  • To be the centre of microbial resource of plant pathogenic fungi and bacteria both pre-and post-harvest, bio-agent microorganisms, native mushroom in Thailand etc.
  • To be the centre for culture supply or exchange cultures between collections.
  • To manage microbial data as international standard system.


  • Collection
  • Maintenance
  • Service

  • -Culture supply
    -Identification of plant pathogenic organisms

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